My Experience with Plagiarism

When you are in 2nd grade, the last thing you think of is the word “plagiarism”. My experience with this occurred at the young age of 8 years old when I wrote my first book. I had no idea that I was copying anyone, and that it was not acceptable. I was so excited when I read the book “The Mouse and His Motorcycle”, by Beverly Cleary. I read it over and over again, with amazement. So when given the task of my own book, I decided to write one that included all the excitement that Beverly Cleary put in this wonderful children’s novel. It did not matter to me to change the character Ralph from a mouse into a Beaver. I treasured the motorcycle and kept that in the equation. I appreciated the idea of the adventure of a mouse riding a motorcycle and used it throughout my short story.

Plagiarism is so frequent today in writing. When people write stories and articles, the ideas that they have are supposed to be in their own words. University students look to the internet to find ideas and sentences that assist them in making their term papers clear and accurate. What they don’t know is that if you use someone else’s content, you are plagiarizing. You are using someone else’s ideas for your own without giving them credit. So, how do you find your own ideas, or use someone else’s in your work? Read as much as you can about the subject. If you find information that needs to be added to your work that is not your idea, make sure you give the original author credit for their findings. Use your own imagination and make notes as you read. If you come up with an idea, write it down right away before it slips away and you forget it. See more info of coursework online service in Prescott Papers visit this website.

I would hope to think my writing has grown considerably since the 2nd grade. And my experience in writing my rendition of “The Mouse and his Motorcycle” is a reminder to me that even though I like the ideas of others out there, my thoughts are what matter the most, and hopefully others will want to read them and follow along in my journey as a writer with imagination, depth and substance.